Fossil Crinoids Purchasing

A virtual museum of crinoids from all over the world

Call for Crinoids

Purchase of fine crinoids

Wanted List

To compliment my collection, I am interested in buying any near perfect crinoid, so far missing.

Most desired are the following:

Unstrut_Chelocrinus carnalli

● Freyburg/Unstrut

○ Chelocrinus carnalli

Gogolin_Dadocrinus kunischi

● Gogolin

○ Dadocrinus kunischi

Crawfordsville_Platycrinites saffordi

● Crawfordsville

○ Platycrinites saffordi with stem (no composite)

Arkona_Gennaeocrinus mourantae

● Arkona Sh.

○ Gennaeocrinus mourantae with stem

Gotland_Gissocrinus, Carpocrinus

● Gotland

○ any other crown

Dudley_Dimerocrinus icosidactylus

● Dudley

○ any other crown


● Anticosti

○ any other crown

Rochester_Ichthyocrinus laevis

● Rochester Sh.

○ ichthyocrinus laevis (complete)

Bobcaygeon_Diabolocrinus by Joe Koenicki

● Bobcaygeon/Trenton Fm.

○ any other crown

Cinncinnatian_Xenocrinus baeri

● Cinncinnatian

○ Xenocrinus baeri


Solnhofen_Millericrinus by solnhofenatlas

... surprises welcome! 

Please contact me if you are willing to trade or sell.