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As member of the AAPS (Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences) I committed myself to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Strive to stay informed and comply with International, National, State and Local regulations pertaining to collecting activities and general business practices.
  • Obtain permission from landowners or governmental authorities to gain access to collecting sites.
  • Assure that all lands, properties, flora and fauna are left without damage to property or ecology as a result of the collecting activities.
  • Require that fossil materials received from outside collectors are obtained in compliance with the above collecting guidelines set forth by the Association. 
  • Report to the proper local authorities any significant discoveries of scientific or public interest. 
  • Strive to place specimens of unique scientific interest into responsible hands for study, research and preservation. 
  • Make no misrepresentation as to identity, locality, age, formation, repairs or restoration of paleontological specimens. 
  • Conform to professional business practices when obtaining and disposing of specimens. 
  • Maintain a good credit standing among fellow suppliers of earth science materials. 
  • Encourage good relations and cooperation with agencies, institutions, and organizations actively involved in paleontological pursuits.