Fossil Crinoids: Pennsylvanian

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Crinoids in Earth History

Pennsylvanian Period (323-299 mio. years)

Moscow Basin

Bond Fm. / Pontiac

Moscow Basin

Moscow Basin_Makhlina et al. (1993)

Moscow Basin © Makhlina et al. (1993)

Map_Moscow Basin_Crinoid fossil sites

Map_Moscow Basin_Crinoid fossil sites © KGS

Moskow Basin_Kasimovian


Kasimovsky Quarry

Kasimovsky Quarry

Trautschold (1879): Die Kalkbrüche von Myachkovo (download)

Mirantsev & Rozhnov (2012): New data on Carboniferous crinoids from the Moscow Region (download)

Pennsylvanian of the Moscow Region by Aleksandr Mironenko

Bond Fm. / Pontiac

Map_Pontiac_Strimple&Moore (1971)

Map © Strimple&Moore (1971)

LaSalle_Cyclothem_Ausich (1999)

Cyclothem © Ausich (1999)